Why We Care
SamathanaRani Rural housewives take charge
Samathana Rani, Julie and Kanickiamary were housewives with no prior exposure to computers or testing. After the opening of the Milk Collection Center at their village, they now independently handle the operations of the Automated Milk Collection Unit (AMCU), that measure fat content and SNF.
A new confidence
Chandru & Senthil - The cows at their village suffered from mineral deficiencies resulting in poor quality milk. This was improved over a period of time by feeding mineral supplements. They are confident of increasing the number of animals in their village.
Tamilselvi Overcoming social pressures
Tamilselvi & Maheswari overcame social barriers to set up the Collection Center at their village. Today, they are responsible for most of the households in their village engaging in dairy farming.
The return to farming
Sekhar's workshop just wasn't enough to support his family. Since Arohana's arrival, he has handed over his workshop to his son and taken the first steps to commercial dairy farming by buying animals and setting up a shed.
Sekar Sekar Sekar